5th Sports Painting Award. MARCA


1st Prize

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The Sports Painting Award MARCA celebrates its fifth anniversary. This year’s incontestable winner has been “Pay per View” by Carlos Corres. In the artist’s own words, the aim of the painting is to “reflect the other side of sport, this is, the audience. Without them the sport show wouldn’t make sense at all. The passion for sport is universal, and that’s what the empty stands express: they are waiting the spectator of both the sport event and the painting to occupy them.”

The BMW award


•Medal of Honor

"XIX BMW award of painting" (Madrid )

The BMW award is regarded as one of the national scene´s most prestigious art contests. The Spanish Royal Family gives the prize annually at the National Auditorium of Madrid.

Youngs mens & womens though too artists

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Five of the principal promises of the art riojano show his(her,your) work in the Institute Riojano of the Youth .

The president of the region of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz, inaugurated yesterday in the exhibition hall of the La Rioja Youth Institute (Instituto Riojano de la Juventud, Muro del Carmen St., 8), the exhibition Espacio Taller (Workshop Space) , where five of the artists awarded at the last editions of the Muestra de Artes Plásticas de La Rioja (Young La Rioja Plastic Arts Exhibition) are taking part: Carlos López Garrido, Ana Sanz Fernández, Guillermo Moreno Veramendi, Carlos Corres Vaquero and Aitor Lanjarín Oak. The chosen names exemplify the creative achievements of the new generation of artists working in La Rioja nowadays, whose quality is set to send them beyond our borders. Carlos Corres has been awarded in various editions of the Muestra Joven de Artes Plásticas, as well as some other prestigious awards such as the Parliament of La Rioja Art Contest or the Ibercaja Painting Award.

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