Hermitage of Saint Giles and Saint Blaise

Paticipation in the hermitage of Saint Giles and Saint Blaise.

A study of how to make better use of the interior space of Romanesque temple from teh 12th century: both with the apse as well as the cross-ribbed vault that forms the central nave.

The space is transformed into an alfresco nocturnal atmosphere with bucolic scenes and allegories of the feast of the saints: like the integration of the ribs of the vault into figurative banners of four evangelists and the two venerated saints in the surronding area.

Hermitage of Saint Catherine

The recuperation of a regular place of worship. The restoring of the original motifs of the central vault and creating a new panoramic view of village landscape and its surroundings, and giving a better production of the space around.

Transforming the existing floral paintings for a canopy recreation and its curtains and incorporating the hybrid figure of a child with the head of a lamb descending from the central opening to the altar.

The added valults are converted into a large open space contemplating the latter part of Cornago, Valdeperillo and the ancient ruins of the Franciscan convent. like the inclusion of the beatified saint, Germanus, next to the local building.